Data-driven business 2019

 - boost your business using data as a driver 


September 9th 2019 

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12:30 - 16:00

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Islands Brygge 18 

2300 København S.

Droids Agency and Eleks  invites you to an inspiring afternoon on Islands Brygge at Copenhagen harbour front with tech talks, cases and inspiration. Come and hear about cases, both from Denmark and international, that show first hand, how to become a real data centric business through strategic data harvesting, an AI-first mindset and data driven software development processes. 

Get inspired about how to boost your business using data and how to go about getting the capabilities to drive growth in the business using data.  


We will also talk about how to succeed when talent is hard to find or if you are not ready to start a data science department. 


Key notes from clients who are using data and analytics to create features and services for the users and thereby create new value propositions to increase market share.  


Emilie Porse - Coordinator


BONUS! In corporation with 33a.

There will be a "pop up" table with visuals explaining AI Design Sprints 



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Droids Agency & ELEKS Introduction.

Data-driven solutions for business. w. Anatoliy Lytovchenko

Digital brain health: Training and rehabilitation of the brain with neuro games, machine learning and gamified therapies. w. Kim Baden-Kristensen

Coffee break.

Process Mining: Data Driven Business Process Management with non-biased data w. Henrik Vester 

Round table - discussion 

Networking and drinks.



Topic: Data-driven solutions for business.


About speaker:

I am a professional with over a decade of experience in engineering, architecture, management and R&D. My background includes many successfully delivered projects as tech lead or software architect, dozens solution proposals for potential clients and contribution to the company’s expertise.

Now, as a manager of architecture group, I believe that proper selection of software architecture and roadmap is the key to successful project delivery and business success.


Same solutions don't work for every business. Modern IT landscape is wide and complex. But data is everywhere. We collect data, we analyse it, we visualize it, we predict it, and finally it’s time to make business decisions based on data. In the presentation we uncover:

  • Business level examples

  • Possible software solutions for those levels

  • What kind of benefits it brings

  • And how it works in real life.

Anatoliy Lytovchenko

Head of Software Architecture Office in ELEKS


Kim Baden-Kristensen

 Founder & CEO of Brain Plus

Kim Baden-Kristensen

Co-founder & CEO of Brain+ Ltd.

Topic: Digital brain health: Training and rehabilitation of the brain with neuro games, machine learning and gamified therapies

About speaker:

I am Co-founder and CEO of Brain+ Ltd., an award-winning Danish health-tech company specializes in digital tools and apps for neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions and brain training.



Neurorehabilitation is a massive challenge in today’s healthcare system, as a rising number of people suffer from neurological and mental disorders, which affects and reduces fundamental cognitive brain functions.   

 Technologies such as machine learning, computer games, behavioral therapy, game psychology possibly create an extremely motivating and affective treatment and increase involvement and rehabilitation.  


Brain+ are working on early presymptomatic detection and minimizing risk of Alzheimer’s syndrome in cooperation with leading European universities, health institutions, and patient organizations.   


The Brain+ RECOVER-app has shown remarkable results in pilot trials and extensive clinical trials in brain damage, Parkinson’s disease and in patients with depression.   


Topic: Process Mining: Data Driven Business Process Management with non-biased data

About speaker:

Henrik Vester, CCO in Breakaway Lab, has 30+ years of experience working in the fore front of Transformation and Business Process Management. Henrik has for the past 10 years worked with several IT Universities and followed the latest research and innovation into Data Driven Business Process Management.



A major challenge for all businesses big or small, is how to drive strategic changes into operational models at high speed and deliver instant and real insight from the operational landscape to strategy makers. The use of Advanced Analytic promise, according to McKinsey, 15T. $ in annual global cost reductions and productivity gains.


Process Mining enables business professionals to use sophisticated AI and Machine Learning in their everyday work.


The talk will take you through live examples and business cases using Process Mining.


Henrik Vester

CCO in Breakaway Lab


Droids Agency, Njalsgade 76, 3. sal, 2300 København S.

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